Hi, I'm Natalie.

I am an Anxiety and Confidence Coach who has a love for all thing Christmas, 90s and self care…

My life used to look a little different to how it does now. Let me paint a little picture for you of a typical day for me about 3-4 years ago:

Wake up, once again, with a puffy tear stained face. This was the painful evidence of an anxiety fuelled argument from the night before. Most likely we had an argument because I had allowed the negative “what ifs”, the over powering insecurity and the lack of self-confidence, to power up the beliefs I had about myself and my relationship. The thoughts that would often run through my head were “you’re not good enough for this relationship”, “he is going to leave you anyway” and “there are plenty of women out there better than you”. I would spend most of the day seeking reassurance from my other half that we wasn’t going to leave me, often trying to explain my reasons for arguing even though these reasons had zero validity.

I had SUCH a fear of losing people I loved because when I was 19 I lost my Dad to suicide. I was plagued with guilt, and for a long time I thought I had pushed him away. This fueled my anxiety for many years.

I know I don’t need to continue for you, because I know you understand me.

This all went of for years…six to be exact.

Until our relationship hit a massive wall. A rock bottom. I was faced with the idea that I might lose everything that mattered to me, my fears were about to come true. I had the most uncomfortable realization that my anxiety had driven a big fat ugly wedge between me and the love of my life.

In those moments of fear and frustration, I made a pivotal decisions to CHANGE. I had no idea what that looked like, but I knew I wanted to CHANGE so I could be an incredible partner, with a beautiful relationship and lots of belly laughs.


Things have done a full 180!

Fast forward a few years...

I worked freaking hard on my personal development, got to know the very depths of myself, I got uncomfortably honest, implemented some amazing mindset frameworks and daily habits, and learned a hell of a lot about asking the right questions. I learned how to forgive myself for not texting my Dad back the night he took his life, which has been the hardest part of my growth, but I got there.


A relationship that has become more than I ever dreamed of. But thats not it. I began to notice my inner strength to quiet the negative and fearful voice in my head. I began to hear the confident and independent voice I had been longing to show up for me. My friendships just grew wildly and I was able to create deeper connections.

I was so fascinated by my progress that I began studying Neuro Linguistic Programming and Holistic Health, and later became a CORE Success and Life Coach. Everything Ive now learned has solidified why what I had been doing had worked SO well!

So I started a coaching business that I am head over heels in love with.

My life did a full 180, and yours will too.

The process has been LIFE CHANGING!

I have learned to confidently communicate with everyone I love, no more anxiety fuelled arguments. I now have incredibly amazing friendships with people who uplift me because I can finally say NO to toxic people. I am able to be super honest with myself which has allowed me to consistently step outside my comfort zone (pssst thats where confidence is!). But the very best thing is my relationship and how its grown beyond my wildest dreams. I honestly wish I had known back then, what I know now. Its been an absolute game changer.

This is my WHY. I am now incredibly passionate about helping amazing women, just like you, navigate their way through their own journey to discovering confidence and a happy relationship (with themselves too!).

I am here for you.

What can I do for you?

My experience with my own challenges & triumphs has given me this burning desire to help you with your own internal struggles. Through my unique 1:1 coaching style, we get you confidently answering the uncomfortable questions that will unleash the fiercely brave woman you truly are! I am SO excited to gift you all the mindset shifts and incredible habits that have helped me so much on my own journey.

Are you ready to finally let go and step into the version of yourself you want to be?

Click below and apply for one of the very limited 1:1 coaching spots with me.