You know deep down something needs to change…but what?

I know you have such a massive heart and you’re always put the needs of others before your own, you’ve been brought up that way, I get it. But is this helping to work through your anxiety & stress? Or is sacrificing ‘me’ time now impacting you more than you imagined it could?

You’ve tried a lot of different ways to move through your anxiety, stress & insecurity so you can have little slice of ‘me’ time. Meditating, exercising, reading, learning, yet you can’t seem to make one thing stick. You get to about the 3 day mark, and then something or someone comes up, and your new habit or routine falls by the wayside.

Does this sound familiar?

You really desire more time for yourself and to start living a ‘healthy’ lifestyle, but you’ve no idea where to start. Anxiety & stress has been affecting your life in many ways, including your friendships, work, love life and so much more that you’re now feeling disconnected, frustrated and really stuck (borderline tearing your hair out).

Now it’s time for a change.
Time for you to switch gears.
Time for you to put yourself first.
Time for self care.
Time for new habits & routines!!

How do I know all this about you?

I spent over 6 years of my life letting anxiety win. It governed my decisions, my friendships, my career and my relationship with my other half. It had the steering wheel, and it had me stuck in some crazy & scary thought loops.

After a tough breakdown in my relationship I decided it was time to change.

I wanted to regain control, my mind to be clear & my body to feel amazing. I wanted to be able to FEEL confident & in control.

It was decision time and I made the commitment in that moment to change. I refused to accept that my life was always going to be this way.

So what did I do to to get my inner compass facing CONFIDENCE, MOTIVATION & CONTROL?

I created & implemented some kick ass routines & habits. The kind that changed my life and that will change yours.

I am talking things like:

  • Eating Habits

  • Morning Routines

  • Evening Rituals

  • Self care habits

  • Motivational Tools

  • Self Talk Habits

  • Communication Habits

And so much more…

I took inventory of what I was doing then, and what I could do in the present to change the way I went about my day so I could regain control of my life. I began my studies and became a Holistic nutritionist and parallel to that I learnt about all the amazing habits & routines that confident people had so I could structure them for me.

The outcome was and still is incredible. I look back at my journey and I am filled with awe at the distance I have come. I have learnt so much about myself its insane, and my relationships have flourished beyond my wildest dreams.

“I learnt about all the amazing habits & routines that confident people had so I could structure them for me.”

Now, I want you to have this too.

I have bundled up and collated all these habits & routines into my signature coaching program, UPLIFT. You will have all the very best, most impactful habits to put into your toolbox, so you can start cultivating the confident lifestyle you truly desire.

Now that I have you all excited & ramped up, let me tell you about what we will be doing together in this program.
(subjects may vary depend in the needs of each individual client)

  • We will build you the morning routine you’ve been dreaming of!

  • We will create habits for you to implement so you can detach yourself from the stress you experience at work & at home.

  • We will take a look at your current eating habits, and switch them to eating habits that support your entire body! Say goodbye to brain fog & fatigue!

  • We will find out why other habits in the past haven’t stuck so you can recognize this moving forward.

  • We will dive deep into the motivational tools that WILL work for you, so you can overcome procrastination and solidify your new habits & routines.

  • We will take a good look at the way you speak, especially to yourself. I will help you identify why your current habits are impacting you this way & patterns. Then I will provide you with new ways to turn this all around.

  • We will work on improving communication between you and those around you. Ill help you see wha current habits are preventing you from being able to make those deeper connections in friendship, at work and in other areas of your life.

And so much more! I am so excited to show you the way to go from anxious & insecure to confident & motivation, but just changing your habits & routines!

"She provided me simple, helpful, creative and achievable changes and I felt more informed, in control and excited to try her suggestions. No feelings of judgement were there after all, I just felt informed, empowered and supported." - J.A.

"She built me a morning routine that has seriously changed my life. I used to be very sluggish in the mornings, needing a huge coffee just to get going. By adding simple nutritious choices right at the start and creating time for mediating or reading, I have a new energy that lasts me all day, without any coffee!" - J.D.


What is included in the 3 month UPLIFT coaching program?

  • 9 x 1:1 Coaching Calls (3 per month)

  • Recordings of your calls to keep so you can rewatch & relearn whenever you want.

  • Voxer Voice Messenger: Voice messaging app, so you can always feel supported throughout the three months

  • Email support

  • Invitation to join The Uplift Community on Facebook.

If you are stuck feeling lost, frustrated & disconnected with no idea how to break free of your intrusive thoughts, then I would love to invite you to UPLIFT!! Book in for your COMPLEMENTARY 1:1 call with me, no obligation, and lets discover what your true goals are, whats holding you back and how you can move forward!

Ready to work 1 on 1 with me?

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