Your life changes the moment you make a committed decision.

Are you tired of anxiety fuelled arguments that drive a wedge between you & your other half?

Are you frustrated with making decisions based off what that mean girl in your head is saying?

Do you feel so disconnected from your friends because you feel like you don’t belong?

Are the intrusive thoughts playing over and over in your head leaving your exhausted & tired?

Listen up...

You can have the incredible loving relationship where you laugh so hard you feel like you’ve done a 4 hour ab workout! You can enter into ANY social situation and be exactly who you are, goofy and full of confidence! You can have a few wines and feel totally comfortable being yourself around your friends and people you don’t know. And yes, you can wake up in the morning feeling content, motivated and full of passion!

“How is all this possible?” I hear you ask!

You must decide to change your daily HABITS & ROUTINES and commit.

I’ve been there. The date nights that start out well, then end in fiery arguments, a tear stained face & puffy eyes. The nights out with friends where you convince yourself you’re not good enough or interesting enough for them. Feeling absolutely unable to do anything for yourself or by yourself. The constant cycle of frustration because, once again, you gave in to the mean bully in your head.

Oh anxiety…*sigh*
I get it.


Hi! I’m Natalie…

I have helped many amazing strong women, just like you, go from anxious to confident in just 3 months!

The UPLIFT 1:1 Coaching Experience is the 3 month program where you will learn about ALL the habits that will save your relationship & friendships. It’s the program that will rescue you from the mean girl’s voice in your head!

What’s inside the program?


Learn some very helpful techniques to let go of the limiting beliefs & old stories that seem to be fuelling that mean voice in your head. In this phase you will learn about your own values & how to use them to make decisions, create boundaries & overcome negative thoughts.


We will dive deep into creating time for YOU. In this phase we will focus on ways to create incredible habits that stick and have the biggest impact on your mind! We cover subjects such as time management & morning routines.


We will dig into specific habits centred around communication, motivation, journaling, nourishment & so much more! All of which will elevate your confidence & leave you feeling calm & content.

PLUS….you get worksheets, extra training videos, voice messenger coaching and so much more!
(note: subjects may vary depending on the needs of each individual client)


9x 60 minute 1:1 sessions (3 per month)

Recordings of all sessions for you to go over forever

Voxer voice messenger support

Email Support

Extra worksheets & training video if necessary.

Your investment for UPLIFT is


(payment plan available)

(*Clarity Calls are complementary. You will get absolutely clear on where you are now, where you want to be and the exact action steps to take to get there!)

What Are People Saying…

"I have just completed my three months with Natalie and to say that I’m a changed person is an understatement. In those few short months Natalie was able to provide me with an arsenal of strategies for stress management.  Natalie’s approach in her coaching is rooted in kindness, compassion and curiosity- there is never any judgement in what you are sharing, if anything the more you share your story, the more she is able to tailor her coaching to your needs. Natalie is a good mix between nurturing and tough love; her ability to sense which one you need in the moment is what has made her coaching resonate with me and the things I have been working on. Thank you Natalie for helping me upgrade to the new version of myself."

"I had no idea how much I needed my sessions with Natalie until we started. She helped me gain a healthier perspective on my life, identifying and dealing with stress, making tough decisions and choosing a healthier path for myself. She is so positive and uplifting, no judgement on what you're going through. She really focuses on your needs, what you can commit to and helps you build a plan. I cannot recommend her enough!!! Thanks Natalie!!!"

"I've really felt like you have given so much of yourself on a personal level to help me find my way. You've helped me work through what was has been a challenging and a bit of a confusing time in my life.  It has been so amazing to learn and put into practice these great mindset and eating techniques that will continue to help me going forward. I feel like a door has been opened to a whole new world that I was observing from the outside before!"

(*Clarity Calls are complementary. You will get absolutely clear on where you are now, where you want to be and the exact action steps to take to get there!)


Everything will change for YOU!

My habits and routines not only changed my life, but they saved my relationship, friendships and even my career! I want all this and more for YOU!

Whats getting in your way?

"I can’t afford it"

What would happen if you didn’t fix this now? How will the rest of your life be impacted if you didn’t take action today? Will anxiety & that mean girl in your head be allowed to have control for the long haul? As a girl who 100% understands what its like to be frustrated with anxiety & the thoughts in your head, I can guarantee that the habits & routines you learn in this program will be life changing. Anxiety will no longer drive a wedge between you and everyone you love. What’s that worth to you?

"I don't have the time"

Imagine how much more time you will have when you aren’t constantly distracted by anxiety. Think about ALL the time you will create for yourself and those you care about! Creating habits & routines that dissolve anxiety will GIVE you more time! This program involves about 1-2 hours commitment each week - I know you can do that!

“What if it doesn’t work”

In phase one we will work on this mindset, so you can have 100% faith in yourself & the changes you will be making. It will work if you give 100% commitment to yourself and the process. Ask yourself what is it you really want? Are you ready to have all that and more? Ready to commit for just 3 months so you can change the rest of your life? I have watched this process work for myself and for many amazing and strong women just like you! I know you’re ready!

(*Clarity Calls are complementary. You will get absolutely clear on where you are now, where you want to be and the exact action steps to take to get there!)