“What a blessing…”

I cannot even express into words what a difference you’ve made in my life!! What a blessing I found your podcast on Spotify just three months ago. Now I AM the confident, radiant, fierce and independent version of myself I always wanted to become!! I am so excited to keep growing and use these tools in my work, relationships, friendships, and to even encourage others! And soon to come I will want to dive into the next steps with you!

— Amanda

“You are amazing…”

Nat, you don’t know how much I appreciate what we’ve achieved together. Thank you for all the tools you have shown me. You are amazing!

— Kenya


“I don’t know what kind of wizardy you did on our call yesterday but you changed something so completely in my mind. I am so grateful for you and for taking the time to do a session with me. It is magic to be able to FEEL the difference you’ve made, even in just one session! I feel so light, I feel so EXCITED, I feel so confident in my decision and I can’t wait to share this with my family from a place of knowing how aligned I am to my values! I seriously cannot thank you enough!”

— Jennie


“Awesome coaching style…”

Going through the coaching program with Natalie has been invaluable. I loved her personable, real life approach to combatting anxiety and creating your own brand of confidence. She has an awesome coaching style with a great mix of deep dives and practical elements. Through working with Natalie I have discovered a lot about myself, my limiting beliefs and the practical steps I can use in my day to day life in order to live more confidently. 

— Allie


Natalie’s balance of science, practicality, wisdom, fun and kindness resonated with me perfectly. My journey towards my goals is an ongoing one, but the game changing insights and practical additions to my routines, as well as the variety of new tools available to me, have been incredibly valuable. A number of people in my work and personal life have commented that I seem more confident, and attribute a lot of that to my work with Natalie.

— Helena


“So many things I enjoyed…”

There were so many things I loved about my 1:1 coaching, all the elements really complimented each other. I really enjoyed out weekly 1:1 video calls!! I benefited a lot from all the journaling techniques I learned to help me get out of my head and look at things from an outside perspective. This has helped me reframe my situation and deal with my anxiety really well. The structured rebellion, the meditation techniques, the self affirmations have also been effective for me. Ah…there are so many things!

— Ina

“To say that I am a changed person is an understatement!”

I have just completed my 3 months 1:1 coaching with Natalie, and to say that I am a changed person is an understatement. In those few short months, Natalie was able to provide me with an arsenal of strategies for stress management. Natalie’ approach in her coaching is rooted in kindness, compassion and curiosity - there is never any judgement in what you are sharing, if anything, the more your share the more she is able to tailor her coaching to your needs. Natalie is a good mix between nurturing and tough love; her ability to sense which one you need in the moment is what has made her coaching resonate with me and the things I have been working on. Thank you Natalie for helping me upgrade to the new version of myself.

— Karen