How do I know this about you?

Its because I WAS you. So exhausted, frustrated and feeling stuck because I wasn’t able to get out of the cycle of negative “what ifs”. Always being the people pleaser because I was so fearful of other people judging me or leaving me out of things. I would more often than not wake up with a tear stained face because I was over emotional and had allowed my anxiety to take over, which resulted in yet another argument with my partner. I felt so scared every time my partner left the house because my anxiety led me to believe “you’re not good enough for him” or “he is going to leave you for someone better than you”. UGH!

I was plagued with self doubt, insecurity and disappointment.


Hey, I’m Natalie…

I help amazing women, just like you, cultivate confidence, rediscover independence and finally find ways to disempower anxiety.

If you are:

  • Struggling with anxiety in your relationship and its causing you to self sabotage.

  • Lacking in independence because you are reliant on your partner or friends to do things with you.

  • Always searching for reassurance or validation from those around you.

  • Feeling really stuck in the same patterns over and over again in your relationship and friendships.

  • Always expecting the worst and choosing to believe the negative “what ifs”

  • Tired of being a people please, especially with those who really don’t make you feel good.

Then listen up because I am guessing you’re ready to:

  • Create a relationship that is fuelled by love and excitement, not anxiety and frustration.

  • Cultivate incredible friendships because you’re no longer saying YES to toxic people.

  • Be super honest with yourself so you can start jumping excitedly out your comfort zone.

  • Communicate confidently and clearly. No more anxiety running the show.

  • Build amazing connections with those who matter to you most. (Hint: These are the people that share your VALUES!)

You are ready to meet the wildly confident and irresistibly independent version of you!


What’s it like to work with me?


It is magic…

“Hey girl. I don’t know what kind of wizardry you did on our call yesterday but you changed something so completely in my mind. I am so grateful for you and for you taking the time to do a session with me. It is magic to be able to FEEL the difference you have made, even in just one session. I feel so light, I feel so EXCITED, I feel so confident in my decision and I cant wait to share with my family from a place of knowing how aligned I am with my values. I seriously can not thank you enough!.”

— Jen

What a blessing…

“I cannot even express into words what a difference you’ve made in my life!! What a blessing that I found your podcast on Spotify just three months ago. Now I AM the confident, radiant, fierce and independent version of myself I always wanted to become. I am so excited.”

— Amanda

An awesome coaching style…

“Going through the coaching program with Natalie has been invaluable. I loved her personable, real life approach to combatting anxiety and creating your own brand of confidence. She has an awesome coaching style with a great mix of personal deep dives and practical elements. Through working with Natalie I have discovered a lot about myself, my limiting beliefs and the practical steps that I can use in my day to day life in order to live more confidently”

— Allie

(Each month I open up very limited spaces to work 1:1 with me. If you want to snag a spot for yourself, click the button above and apply!)


What will we cover?

There is no cookie cutter method when it comes to discovering your own confidence and independence. It takes lot of questioning, peeling back the layers and implementation (sometimes trial and error) to fully understand what will work for you. I have shared this journey with many women in my practice, and here are some of the amazing mindsets and habits my clients are implementing in their everyday lives that have been LIFE CHANGING:

  • Awareness around limiting beliefs & learn techniques to create NEW beliefs so you start getting different & exciting results (ie confidence!!)

  • Find out what your true values are & learn HOW to use them make decisions confidently with so much ease.

  • Techniques to ANCHOR confidence so you can tap into it whenever you desire.

  • How to challenge anxious & self sabotaging thoughts so you can reframe them into thoughts that benefit you & your goal.

  • How to step out of your comfort zone consistently. (Psssst this is where your confidence hangs out!!)

  • How to coach yourself, so you can overcome procrastination, the need for reassurance and more.

  • Create incredible personal boundaries.

  • Journaling techniques to help you uncover, discover and create.


(note: this list isn’t exhaustive and subjects may vary depending on client needs)


What will you get?

(aside from an abundance of confidence…duh!)

In my signature 1:1 coaching experience, UPLIFT, we will work together for three incredible months.
In these three months you will experience a transformation like no other. Here is what you will get:

  • 9x 60 minute 1:1 coaching call via Zoom.

  • Audio recordings of all your session to keep for three months after coaching has ended.

  • Worksheets to support you in implementing.

  • Additional training videos if necessary

  • Voxer voice messenger support (<<< this is amazing!)

  • Other supporting materials

Pssst - I will tell you that on average, my 1:1 clients are experiencing breakthroughs as early as session 2! So amazing!

(Each month I open up very limited spaces to work 1:1 with me. If you want to snag a spot for yourself, click the button above and apply!)


Your NEW normal…

What if your new normal was:

  • Being really sure of yourself, feeling fierce, brave and so confident.

  • Having incredible communication skills with yourself and those around you where you’re not second guessing yourself.

  • Confidently being able to ask for what you want in a way thats kind and caring.

  • Knowing EXACTLY how to coach yourself through times that feel tough so you can use her rational mind.

  • Being able to have time away from your other half without the need to check your phone every five minutes.

What if your new normal was a life of confidence, independence and excitement?

Well, it can be! It all starts with you saying YES to yourself, showing up with commitment and adopting an unwavering faith in yourself.

Are you ready?


(payment plan available)

(Each month I open up very limited spaces to work 1:1 with me. If you want to snag a spot for yourself, click the button above and apply!)


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