Providing you with the frameworks to build habits & routines that cultivate confidence & dissolve anxiety.

I’d like to live mindfulfully…but what does it mean to live a MINDFUL life?

To live mindfully means to have awareness of yourself and everything around you. It means developing habits and routines that allow you move away from anxiety & insecurity to confidence & control. It means changing your behaviors and beliefs so that they benefit you in more ways than you can imagine. Having routines & discipline will help you to cultivate a positive mindset, to slow the overthinking & worrying and teach you how to keep your compass facing in the direction you WANT to go in.



Hi, I'm Natalie. I am a mental health advocate, self care extraordinaire and a lover of all things Christmas!

In 2015 I went from feeling lost, insecure & stressed out to CONFIDENT & MOTIVATED. My relationship flourished, my friendships blossomed and as an incredible side benefit I discovered my passion. I have now taken everything I’ve learnt from my journey and made it my mission to provide women with the frameworks they need to build routines & rituals that cultivate confidence & dissolve anxiety!

 Have you heard about my signature 3-month coaching package, UPLIFT?
If you want to learn more about HOW you can have:

  • A relationship that involves laughing till you fall over

  • Friends who are on your wave length and you’re on theirs.

  • To feel confident in the decisions your making, from what you eat to the job your apply for.

  • Discipline so you can have a beautiful morning routine that cultivates calm & confidence.

  • A mind that has the capabilities & skills to turn a negative thought around in a moment, so you can finally feel more secure in yourself.

  • The knowledge on ways to nourish yourself both mentally & physically so you feel empowered making the right decisions for you & your body.

  • A passion!!! Something to get your teeth into so you have something incredible to focus on, instead of work

    then you HAVE to check it out!
    (PS….It’s all in your habits & routines!)

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