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Vision Boarding Party

Remember back in those good ol' days a little when you cut and pasted and got your hands all sorts of glue-y in the name of creating something fun?

We're gonna get together and harness that spirit and put it to work for our bigger visions! Maybe you've heard of vision boarding, even tried it out perhaps? But it got stuck in the back of your closet, or you weren't really sure what you were doing.

Vision boarding is one of these most powerful tools we have for keeping ourselves on track and aligned with the lives we desire. Just think about how much visual media influences your daily choices. Imagine if the thing you were seeing consistently was your dream life?!

Yep. It'd become your real life pretty soon, hey!

Join GirlTribe Ambassador Natalie on September 22nd for a Vision Boarding Party! You will create your very own vision board to take home and use as you live the life you've always imagined for yourself.

Our evening will look a lil’ something like this:

>> Welcome & Intros with Natalie
>> How to Vision Board & How it Works
>> Party time! Grab your magazines, scissors, glue, and anything else, and get to creating!
>> Connect & share with your Goddess sisters
>> Closing

What to bring:

>> A couple magazines
>> Scissors
>> Glue
>> Post board/Piece of card
>> And yourself as you are

You will leave with:

>> A beautiful vision board to put in your sacred home space
>> Some new sisters!
>> And a sense of peace, connection and trust that the Universe is ready to deliver your greatest desires