Food Meditation

Food mediation is my new thing.

I am a huge believer in the power of meditation and the benefits it has on every system in our body. Its not for everyone though, I get it. In the modern world people feel strapped for time, overwhelmed with information and confused about how and when to start meditating. Even I am finding it hard to keep to my 15 minutes a day meditation practice!

There is this misconception that meditation has to be sitting cross legged, eyes closed, chanting an array of sounds. Well, the dictionary defines “to meditate” as “to engage in thought or contemplation; reflect“. I am sure many of you can think of lots of activities involving this. Sitting cross legged & chanting works for me sometimes but there are other times I turn to other versions of meditating to help me reflect and encourage a feeling of peace and calm. These versions suit my lifestyle each day such as, Food Meditating.

What is Food Meditating?

Food prepping and cooking when you’re relaxed can really encourage you to be more conscious and mindful, especially about what you’re eating. I love preparing food. It’s a time when I am at my most calm, content and reflective. Even when there are others in the house, I like to be alone in the kitchen with chilled music on and even a small *ahem large* glass of wine to hand. As I prepare the food I like to think about what nutrients each ingredient has and how it will benefit my body. As I start cooking and piecing the dish together I feel so grateful that I have access to good nutritious food that I know how to prepare & cook. Even if its just something so simple, I still feel that gratitude. The kitchen is my one of my happy places, so why not count prepping & cooking food as my meditation.

Feeling calm, content and grateful is a desired after effect of meditation, so no matter what the activity, if this is the result then that’s a form of meditating.

How to Food Meditate?

  1. Clear the clutter – Clean up your kitchen and work space. Nothing will distract you more than a messy kitchen.
  2. Playlist – Choose a chilled out playlist, one which doesn’t have a heavy beat. Maybe something acoustic?
  3. Ingredients – Pull out all the ingredients you need. Grains, veg, meat, spices etc and arrange them in a way that they are all visible.
  4. Prepping – as you prep, chop, peel your ingredients be conscious about what they are and what they do. It could be as simple as chopping the onion and knowing that this ingredient is going to add an awesome flavor and really make your dish pop. Or you could be aware of it nutrient content & its benefits.
  5. Reflect – As you start to cook or put the ingredients together use the time to reflect on your day, on all things positive including the fact that you are making a yummy meal – be grateful for the little things.

That’s all there is to it. If you aren’t a fan of the cross-legged meditations, find the activity that gives you a sense of calmness, contentment and gratitude. As I said, food meditation is my new thing, will it be yours?

Stay healthy and happy.

Love, Natalie