Creamy Pesto Pasta (DF)

Such a simple meal to throw together for yourself or for dinner with friends. Zero additives, preservatives, no sugar, basically nothing funky! Nourishing for your mind and satisfies your hunger for carbs! Sometimes you need a big bowl of pasta, and that’s fine. It’s especially fine when it tastes this good and has this many nutrients! So many people demonize pasta, I used to be that person! It’s a great food, and when you pair it with deliciously nutritious ingredients, its hard to resist!



1 cup cashews
1.5-2 cups almond milk
2 tbsp organic green pesto
1 tsp organic onion power
Salt & Pepper

Blend it all together, then pour it over a massive bowl of cooked wholewheat pasta. I added fresh chopped tomatoes, organic spinach, walnuts and pumpkin seeds, it was freaking amazing. It made so much I had loads left for lunches, winning!!