How to build the perfect morning routine

"There is comfort in routine & repetition" a quote from an awesome ted talk I watched all about routine.

We live in a fast world with very busy lifestyles. Often the first thing we do when we wake up in the morning is check our emails, reply to texts or scroll through social media. Does that sound like you? When we go to bed we have a final check in with social media and maybe watch a video or two. We are always responding & reacting to everything outside of us. All our energy output is external.

What if we spent sometime each day on directing our energies internally?

Here's the thing: Stress, anxiety & worry have been known to become major factors in illness and disease. These emotions distract the body from its normal, everyday processes, which can result in us functioning at a less than optimal rate. Taking even just 10 minutes a day to be mindful, focused and calm can have such amazing & positive affects on the human body. Would you like a healthier mindset? Maybe you would like to regain the efficient functioning of your metabolism? What about experiencing a stress-free day? If you love the sound of all of this, then a morning routine is perfect for you!

Creating a morning routine and committing to it means when you wake up there are limited choices - which is a good thing. This means you can wake up and go into autopilot. Your mind doesn’t need to be over thinking anything or trying to figure out the next steps for you. Zero stress.

Morning routines can also help you feel more productive throughout your day. Spend time during these early hours focusing and even figuring out what exactly needs most of your energy that day and what can hold off. This provides you with clarity which in turn will help reduce your stress levels. No more feeling scattered.

Now, I can hear you saying "I dont have the time" however, what you are really saying is "Its not a priority". How about instead of saying "I dont have the time" you re-framed the way you think about it and repeated "Its not my priority"? Then how would you feel? Telling yourself, or those around you that taking care of yourself isn't something you prioritize. Doesn't sound great.

So how do you build a morning routine that serves you?

i spent many years battling anxiety, and when I began studying holistic nutrition & wellness I discovered self care was fundamental in fighting off my symptoms once and for all. My morning routine is my magic weapon against anxiety, and I am going to share the routine with you today:


The moment I wake up, I head into a quiet & peaceful place in my home and meditate. Its 15 minutes of guided bliss, and a wonderful way to gently wake up my brain & nervous system. Other options could be reading a motivational book, repeating affirmations, writing in a gratitude journal or even practicing some simple breathing techniques (the square technique is my fave).


This can be stretching, yoga or a full work out. I really recommend moving your body when you get out of bed. We have been lying down for 6-8 hours, moving very minimally and during this time there can be some toxic build up as the body begins to detoxify itself through the night. This is completely normal however we do need to assist the body in getting rid of this build up. The lymphatic system is a huge part of our immune system, and it draws out toxins from our blood, tissues & organs and filters it out of our body, The thing is, this system doesn't have a pump and relies on us moving our bodies to aid pumping these toxins out. So don't let that yucky stuff get stagnant, get moving and support your immune system.


The simple act of listing what needs to get done in the day ahead can be very powerful at eliminating stress & anxiety. I recommend only listing a maximum of 3 things that need to get done in the day no matter what. Anything else is a bonus. Make peace with your list and don't try to push yourself so hard.

My final piece of advice is not to forget all the work you've put in on your morning routine. If you leap into your day afterwards, letting yourself get stressed then your routine would have been ineffective. Try to check in with yourself throughout the day, reminding yourself of the calmness you created and making sure to bring that with you at all times.

Enjoy building your routine and tell me all about them in the FANCY FREE WELLNESS COMMUNITY over on facebook!

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