Me, Myself & I - What self love means to me

Self Love. A common buzzword in the wellness industry. What does it mean though? Well to put it simply, its about taking care of yourself, putting yourself first and showing yourself some love & respect.

Its about YOU.

To one person this may mean finding 5 minutes in the day to sit peacefully and meditate. To another it could mean spending 2 hours on a gruelling hike sweating profusely. Whatever it is, if it makes you feel good, makes you feel content and above all makes you feel happy, then this is SELF LOVE.

What does this mean to me?

To me this means finding time in my day to make space in my mind. Recognizing areas which need my energy and areas which don't. There always comes a time when I feel stressed & highly strung, thats who I am and I accept that. But I manage it. How? I spend 10 minutes each morning mediating. Depending on my mood I will choose something guided or I will just focus on my breath, ignoring the thoughts that pass through my mind. I understand that these thoughts will always be there, but taking a moment in my day to be silent and observe them, allows me to understand myself just a little better. To me thats Self Love.

Dedicating time to movement is something I practise regularly. Each day it can vary. Sometimes I do an at-home workout, sometimes I'll head to the gym and sweat it out, and sometimes Ill spend time practising yoga. The latter has been my favourite recently. It really helps me to focus and listen to my body, above all it encourages me to live in the present by focussing on my breath. For someone who suffered with anxiety for many years, yoga & meditation have been fundamental to my healing process (I began a continuous yoga practise over 2 months ago). Your body needs to move, it was built to take us places, so we should provide it with what it wants. To me thats Self Love.

I love spending time taking care of my skin. Its the biggest organ on our body, it is our blank canvas and its something we need to show some love to. I ensure I use non-toxic products, wear very little make up & every now and again I will see a professional to help me take deeper care of the skin on my face. Every morning I cleanse, use a light serum, and a heavy moisturizer. Right before bed I cleanse to remove any toxic build up from the day, exfoliate (twice a week), moisturize, and then pop on a coconut oil face mask (twice a week). I recognize that our skin is a reflection of our health, so to me its imperative I take care of it. To me thats Self Love.

Eating to nourish. Another way I show myself some love & respect. Its taken me some time to realize that what goes in, really is what comes out. We NEED nourishment to support all our bodily systems. I enjoy preparing my dinners mindfully & colourfully, making sure I am aware of how each food will affect my body & my mind. Having a healthy relationship with food, and what its all about has been quite the journey for me, and I am very content with where I am now. To me that Self Love.

Last of all, best till last. FUN. Laughing from my belly, dancing like no one is watching, making time for loved ones & friends, spending time in the mountains, drinking red wine, and being goofy. Anything that fills me with happiness and makes me smile until my face hurts. To me thats Self Love.

As a coach, I believe taking care of myself is a necessary part of my career. After all how can I take care of others if I'm not taking care of myself. Its a principle I would love you to take away from reading this blog post.

YOU are the priority.

Take care of YOU

Love who YOU are.



Love, Natalie